About Forefront Market Research

Forefront Market Research offers an experienced team of experts in polling, data analysis, political campaigning, and marketing. Our mission is to provide our clients with evidence based intelligence to support effective decision making.


We utilise the latest polling and market research techniques and methods to supply our clients with the accurate, up-to-date insights they need to improve the effectiveness of their decision making.


Our value is in our highly trained market researchers, who we believe provide more accurate and reliable results when compared to online polls.


We are proud to be the newest accredited member of the British Polling Council, and we also abide by the Codes of Conduct of the Market Research Society, Information Commissioners Office, and Data Protection Act.


We undertake research projects predominantly across the UK, but have also worked on projects across Europe and South East Asia. We specialise in political research but also undertake research projects for government bodies and private businesses.

We help campaigns understand people’s attitudes by supplying high-quality evidence based intelligence.

When undertaking opinion gathering projects we prefer to use telephone polling, as we believe it provides more precise and accurate results than online polling. We have conducted over 250,000 surveys using our in-house and partner market research agents over the past 18 months.

We undertake political, social, and commercial polls for clients. Our published polls can be found here, as-well as some of our specialised ‘local sentiment’ polls.

If you have the resources already available for data analysis, we offer data collection services to clients.

In the past we have worked on large scale data collection campaigns in tandem with a number of market research and polling companies across political and commercial sectors, supplying them with the high quality data they needed to formulate their own conclusions and outcome models.

We have the capability to provide over 250 well trained market research agents who are experienced in working on polling projects. For more information about working with our data collection team please get in touch.

We can help you shape your campaign, testing and refining your message by collecting and analysing large amounts of data from a wide range of demographics.

We can use this data to help you formulate effective communications strategies designed to help you accomplish your campaign objectives.

When testing messages we provide both telephone interview and online polling services, and we will work with you to determine which process is best to support your campaign.

We offer Micro-Polling services for campaigns operating at a smaller, more localised level.

If your campaign is already at the stage where you’ve developed your areas of focus, then our micro-polling services will help you work out the best approach to take from here on out.

We specialise in identifying and analysing local residents’ opinions on a wide range of issues. We also work with clients to create communication strategies based on evidence based sentiment.

We conduct our research most commonly via the telephone, but we also offer online and door-to-door research services.

One negative voice can jeopardise an application’s success, even if most residents are in favour. Developoll provides evidence based intelligence to better understand community sentiment towards developments, and gives a voice to the silent majority.

Developoll is our our specialist polling product for the property industry. Early identification of local residents’ concerns is key to ensuring they can be addressed right from the start. This minimises spurious objections and political opposition to your scheme, giving it the best chance of success at the planning committee.

Our team includes experienced local Councillors with the knowledge and expertise to understand your scheme and develop a tailored survey/consultation plan for your proposal.