The Government’s proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework will make it easier for local and regional authorities to approve planning permission; this could potentially be the brightest prospect in decades of urban policy. However, many authorities will still block and delay applications if residents are against the proposal.

At Forefront Market Research, we provide insights into local opinion via telephone and online polling. Our community engagement process has been designed specifically to identify support from within the local community, enabling you to provide evidence of demand when submitting your proposals.


Our Process:

Understand the opinion of residents.

We conduct a survey of area residents opinions, providing you with a full and accurate assessment of the local community’s views.


Identify potential areas of support.

Based on the results of the poll, you will gain an accurate profile of the demographic groups most likely to support the development, as well as those who may object.


Contact and register supporters.

We directly contact those groups who are most in favour, with the objective of officially registering their support.