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We work with clients to draft the most useful questions and undertake the opinion polls, to help clients establish what is going on in their marketplace.


We undertake focus groups to get under the skin of seemingly contradictory opinions and understand the emotions that drive decision making.


We don’t just give the headline figures, we use tried and trusted data analysis methods to understand what is really driving opinion and help focus meaningful action.

Why us?

Industry accreditation

We are proud to be an accredited member of the British Polling Council, and we are also bound by the Codes of Conduct of the Information Commissioners Office, and Data Protection Act.

Focus on Science

Our mission is to bring together insights from the fields of psychology, politics and market research to help our clients understand what lies beneath the noise, so they can take meaningful action to deliver their goals.

Specialist advice

We offer a personalised service, where clients get the full value of our personal experience. When you hire us, you are hiring specialist advisers who will understand and care as much your project as you do.

Cost effective

We are a smaller operation than most polling companies and work with a range of highly experienced providers for fieldwork and analysis to deliver bespoke strategy-led solutions for our clients.

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Sectors we support

Forefront is a new market research agency that helps companies better understand what drives the opinions of their audiences. We currently operate in the following sectors:

Brand and Consumer

What do your customers really think about your brand? Do they think about it at all? What impact – if any – does it have …

Public Sector

You’re developing policy with big challenges and no easy answers. You know that the most effective solutions are politically contentious. Inaction is not an option. …

Property Development

You’re trying to deliver a development scheme. You’ve had productive discussions with the local authority to find a solution that meets their policy goals and …


You’re running for election. The stakes are high. Failure is not an option. How can we give your campaign the best possible chance of success? …

Public Affairs

You’re trying to influence the political process. So, you have a campaign focused on convincing politicians and policymakers. Makes perfect sense. But as good as …

Years of Experience

Our Process


Explore the Current Landscape

We seek to validate initial theories, expand on them and quantitatively define the current position for a campaign.


Data Processing & Analysis

We use relevant statistical analysis to objectively uncover the strongest drivers of support and/or engagement for a proposition.


Test again to be sure

Test and scrutinise the proposed narrative and messaging, ensuring nothing is left to chance when it is deployed.


Deployment & Tracking

As you deploy campaigns and initiatives based on this research, it will be important to regularly re-test, as sentiment changes over time


We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you feel you have something to offer then get in touch today.

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