Business enjoys positive reputation during the crisis


Despite usually being seen as the bad guy, our latest poll has found that big business is enjoying a positive reputation during the coronavirus crisis.

In a nationally representative poll of 1,200 UK residents:

Of course, there has been an increase in the number of negative economic headlines recently, and some examples of bad corporate behaviour, but the general public are giving credit to the businesses that are doing the right thing by their staff and the country.

And they’re right. The private sector has had a big role to play in this crisis. From ensuring food supplies to delivering mortgage payment holidays.

This comes at a time when many large businesses are faced with the prospect of making redundancies and overhauling their operations to adapt to ongoing Coronavirus restrictions.

The big question is whether this state of approval will last as furlough winds down and tough decisions have to be made.

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Michael Hantman
About the author
Michael Hantman
Former Managing Director of 150 agent contact centre focussing on B2C data collection. Over 10 years of operations and project management experience in campaigns and fieldwork.