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Forefront Connect:

Forefront Connect is a new remote call centre established to meet the growing demand for market research in the current crisis, as governments and commercial organisations seek to understand how opinion is changing in a fast-moving environment. We can operate entirely remotely, using a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) system. In this economic climate, our initial recruitment round has been significantly over subscribed with seven quality applications for each position. With a track record of quickly scaling up and managing call centre operations, we are in a position to provide capacity for your next project at speed.

Services offered:

  • Fieldwork for research programmes on a UK nationwide and localised basis
  • Data supply and validation

Our credentials:

We delivered large scale data collection campaigns including for the European Parliament Elections 2014, Scottish Referendum 2014, General Election 2015 and EU Referendum 2016, supplying our clients with the high-quality data they needed to develop their models. To service these campaigns, we scaled up a call centre operation from 2 operatives to 150 in three months. Over the course of these campaigns we completed over 350,000 surveys on a constituency and nationwide basis, with survey lengths between 5 and 30 minutes.

    Working with us:

    From the beginning we will assign a dedicated project manager. After discussing what the requirements and aims of the project are, we will then proceed to:
    • Write up a project plan, in which will look at how quickly we can get your project up and running; how many agents required; pricing estimate; and an estimated time for completion of the project.
    • Write up an SLA, and sign NDA’s in order to ensure confidentiality
    At all stages of preparation, we will keep regular contact with the client, keeping them informed of our progress with detailed daily reports, ensuring their requirements are met and expectations surpassed.

    Operational capacity:

    Mid-June 2020 we can offer 50 well trained Market Research Agents.
    Running at full capacity we can manage 400 full time agents on the phones. We will require at least 6 weeks lead time to achieve this volume of agents.

    Data Handling:

    We assign a Director Level data handler who securely manages your project data throughout the project. The Data Handler is responsible for the exporting, storage, and secure transfer of data to you. If insights and analysis are required our staff work under the strictest confidentiality agreements.

    Data Supply and Cleansing

    We believe clean and accurate data is the basis for understanding how to improve efficiency and decision-making. We can provide valuable data within hours, and our analysts can create personalised processes for your data management needs. For our data supply and cleansing services we use only credible sources and always conform to GDPR and ICO standards.

    Contracts and Service Level Agreements:

    We can provide full reports at the end of each working day which would include specific KPI’s such as the volume of calls made, successful contact rates, agent performance and data penetration.  We also work closely with our clients to handle “blast” capacity and increases in agent requirement.

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