New polling offers boost to domestic tourism post-lockdown

The UK’s tourism and leisure industry can expect to enjoy a boost in domestic demand when all lockdown and travel restrictions are fully lifted, according to our latest poll.

In a nationally representative poll of 1,200 UK residents;

The sector will be heavily reliant on domestic demand this summer, and this data provides some welcome evidence that a significant majority of Brits will choose to holiday at home this summer, both for its own sake and to support the economy.

This follows a previous poll that showed 59% of people chose the U.K as a holiday destination, when given a choice of countries.

When given a list of destinations, the public chose the UK, followed by Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Ireland.

The Results

Data was collected online on 30th May 2020 by Forefront Market Research.

The Sample is Representative of the United Kingdom population for age and gender.

*The order has been scored by compiling participants top 3 options.


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Michael Hantman
About the author
Michael Hantman
Former Managing Director of 150 agent contact centre focussing on B2C data collection. Over 10 years of operations and project management experience in campaigns and fieldwork.