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You’re developing policy with big challenges and no easy answers. You know that the most effective solutions are politically contentious. Inaction is not an option. How do you square this circle?

 Through our political experience, we’re able to help you explore the drivers of opinion on policy issues. We go beyond the XX% support/oppose and seek to uncover the real emotions and values driving perception. By understanding this, we give you the tools to communicate complex and contentious issues and change opinion.



The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan is a collaboration between the local authorities of East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon, Teignbridge and Devon County Council to produce a single development plan for the region. We were commissioned to undertake research into the attitudes of local residents towards development, to help directly inform this plan. They wanted to know what the community prioritised and how they viewed the policy trade-offs. We went in depth, advising them what was driving the support/opposition to those trade-offs.


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